• Offline Advertising Tips for Your Startup
    Offline Advertising Tips for Your Startup
    Advanced technology especially the internet has made many startups focus on advertising their ideas or products online.
  • Factors to Consider When Setting Up a Business
    Factors to Consider When Setting Up a Business
    Starting a business is something that you may have always been dreaming of for a very long time. Now that it is time to do so, you must be happy and eager.

Factors to Consider When Setting Up a Business


Starting a business is something that you may have always been dreaming of for a very long time. Now that it is time to do so, you must be happy and eager. The feeling of being your own boss is one of its kind. But before setting up your business, there are several factors you must consider. This is important because you have to set up a business that will thrive and expand. By considering these factors, you will be able to set up a business that is destined to succeed.

Important factors when setting up a business

  • Market


You should understand your target market so as to know how your business will meet their needs. Carry out extensive research to understand your market niche. Identify your potential customers and talk to them as this may help you understand the things that may make them become your real customers.

  • Skills

For you to set up a business and make it successful, you must have the necessary skills to run it. You must have enough knowledge about the business and industry you want to join. Know your strengths and weaknesses then seek help where necessary. You can talk to professionals in that niche to help in assessing your skills. If you do not have all the required skills, consider hiring experts to help you set up the business.

  • Capital

egrhtjykutu56It needs money to set up any business; the only difference is the amount of money needed. Determine the approximate amount of money you need to set up the business. Include all expenses, such as registration, legal fees, professional advice fees, startup capital, etc. You should also know that it may take some time for your business to start generating revenue. So have extra money for operational costs once you set up the business. Most importantly is to know the source(s) of the capital.

  • Competition

Take time to understand your competitors, how they operate, and their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you set up a business with a competitive advantage over existing businesses.

  • Regulations

Every legal business must be registered and issued with a certificate. It must also operate with certain regulations. Before setting up your business, seek information on the registration process and regulatory environment. Know the registration requirements, such as documents and fees. This will make it easier for you to register your business and run it without violating rules.

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Career Mistakes That Will Cost Your Future


Your career choice always has a very significant impact on your entire life. This is because your career will determine what you will be doing the better part of your life. It means that if you make the right career choice, you will be a happy and satisfied person, and vice versa. Unfortunately, many people make career mistakes, which cost them their future. A career mistake will limit your potential hence you will never realize your ultimate goals. These mistakes can ruin your entire life because you will always be depressed, resentful, bitter and embarrassed.

To avoid this misery, you have to avoid any career mistake that is likely to cost your future. Some of these career mistakes can be made deliberately, intentionally or out of carelessness. Therefore it is worth knowing these mistakes and avoiding them so as to enjoy your career and open up for opportunities for career development.

Common career mistakes that will cost your future

Remaining in your comfort zone

f546576u9i7oyit,urkAfter finding a job, many people tend to settle there and fail to manage their careers aggressively. Doing this can keep you at the same job level for over a decade. For you to go ahead and advance your career, you must be aggressive in networking and talking to as many people as possible in your profession. This is likely to open up opportunities for you to advance. You should also try new harder things and never be afraid to fail.

Failure to ask tough questions

Some people think that asking tough questions will make them lose their jobs. It is true that majority of bosses do not want to be asked tough questions. Thus deciding to ask these questions is a big risk. But you should know that life is about taking risks. If you want to advance your career, you have to take risks. If you realize something wrong in the company, be bold and ask questions for clarifications. This will help you to make a decision on your next move. Remaining silent and fearful to your seniors is a big mistake. However, you should ask the tough questions in a professional and respectful way.

Failing to take extra work

r6j7k8loyurIf you are a person who never takes extra work or help workmates in accomplishing their tasks, you are making a mistake. This will make people think that you are lazy and only concerned about yourself. Thus do not expect any positive review about you from the people you are working with.

Prioritizing money

This is a very common career mistake with dire consequences. It is said that if you are passionate about what you are doing, money will follow you. Love what you are doing, always deliver quality work by doing extensive research, accomplish tasks on time, work as a team and you will find yourself moving up your career ladder easily and quickly.

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