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  • Common Triggers Of Headaches
    Common Triggers Of Headaches
    A headache is one of the most commonly experienced symptoms. There are many types of headaches, all of which are caused by various...."

How To Improve Your Mental Health


It is of importance that you always have great mental health at all times. It helps keep your overall health in good condition, in addition to all the social benefits that come with it. Examples of what you might suffer from when you are not in a good mental state include digestive disorders, back pain, and headaches among many other physical symptoms. There are a few things you can do to make sure that you are always in sound mental health. A few of the main ones are highlighted below.

Ways to improve mental health


Working out and generally, being physically active can go a long way in improving your mental state. It helps get rid of feelings such as anger, anxiety, and bad moods in general. It helps the brain chemicals to function effectively and thus, maintain your mental health in good condition. There have been studies which show that regulated exercises can be just as good as antidepressant medication. Taking at least 45 minutes per day to engage in a workout for at least five days a week, is what most doctors recommend.


There are certain types of foods that are associated with improving moods or calming one down. Such foods are commonly referred to as ‘happy’ foods, and they include cheese, fries, macaroni, chocolate, and many others. You can also eat some foods that are low in mercury but rich in omega-3s such as fish, berries, nuts, and vegetables. They are known to help with good brain development and functioning.

Making friends

gfhdrjueu465yjtfffdOne of the major things that lead to poor mental state is loneliness. Without friends, you are likely to end up being depressed, sad, and having other negative feelings. You can counter all these by simply getting friends. The kind of friends that you make does count as well. Try to make friends with people who are positive and will cheer you up whenever you are feeling down.


More often than we notice, lack of enough sleep can result in swinging moods, anxiety, and many other factors that contribute to poor mental health. Brain cells need to regenerate and balance all the chemicals in it. This is done best when you are asleep, thus the importance of having enough sleep. Failure to get enough sleep might also exacerbate existing mental health issues.

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Common Triggers Of Headaches


A headache is one of the most commonly experienced symptoms. There are many types of headaches, all of which are caused by various conditions or factors. The headache symptom can be used by your doctor to determine its caused and suitable treatment. However, preventing the symptoms is a much more welcomed option. To prevent experiencing headaches, it is important that you identify what causes it and try as much as possible to avoid it. Some of the most common headache triggers have been highlighted below.

Common headaches triggers and how to avoid them

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There are some types of foods and beverages, which are known to cause mild headaches in certain individuals. Examples include alcohol, caffeine, cheese, chocolate, aspartame, and many others. A headache is caused by the neurotransmitters, which are released when the foods or drinks are consumed. Identifying the specific food or drink that results in headaches for you can be quite a challenge, except for the obvious ones like alcohol. Once you identify them, avoid them as much as possible if you do not wish to experience headaches.


Hormones are also known to result in headaches. This obviously applies to women, especially when the levels of estrogen drop. It commonly happens just before the onset of monthly periods. The best way to keep this in check is by keeping track of the cycle so that it does not get you by surprise. You can stock some painkillers or whatever remedy your doctor will recommend ensuring that it does not overwhelm you.


fgffxurese35t4rdfgdddrjhAs surprising as it may sound, bad posture can also result in a headache. Bad posture hinders good blood flow, which the body will react to by releasing headache symptoms. You need to practice good sitting posture at all the time, especially if you spend lots of hours bent over a desk. You can also consider taking short breaks to walk around to ensure good blood flow through the entire body.

Physical inactivity

Over-exertion can lead to severe headaches, but so can lack of physical activities. Staying sedentary in most cases will result in a temporary headache, which can be treated by doing some moderate exercises or activities. Moderation is the main idea when it comes to exercises. Remember to consult with your doctor before you begin doing an exercise regimen or project that will require a lot of physical work.

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